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This page is a list of people I have gotton tapes from and are good people. Sorry to anyone that I have forgotton.

Good Traders

Stuart McDermid -- Fighting Spirit Tapes Location: AUS

Simon Galbraith -- Location: UK

DJ Sillars --- Location: UK

Martin Cox ---- Matwarz Location: AUS

Pete Woodcock --- Location: UK

Mark Petar ---- Strong Style Tapes Location: UK

Frank Sikora -- Sockos Tapes Location: UK

Ross Ward ---- Ringside Violence Location: UK

Okan Gezer --- Pro Wrestling Australia Location: AUS

Damien Blahodyr -- Location: AUS

Luke Hutchinson -- Location: AUS

HBK873 -- Location: AUS

Darryl Scully -- Location: NZ

Divv Walsh -- Location: UK

Bob Barnett ---- Location: USA

Tim Hassall --- Location: UK

Dan O'Callaghan --- Location: UK

Franz Location: AUSTRIA

David F. ---- Location: FRANCE

Nick VDH ---- Blast From The Past Tapes Location: Belgium