UPDATED 12:00 AM 20/05/2001
This is the homepage for the PAL Wrestling Video Tape Trading Webring. This ring was created due to a lack of such a webring. We now have many members here in the ring. Founded in November 1999, this is the original webring for the PAL wrestling tapes community.
All sites are accepted into the ring automatically. It is then up to the owner if the sites to add the nav bar to their site within a reasonable period of time. Any sites without the navbar are removed from the ring.  

Note: If you cannot make tapes in the PAL format please do not try to enter the ring. The PAL tapes webring does not mean that we are all just good mates. It means you must be able to make tapes in the PAL video format. If you cannot make tapes in the PAL format or if you do not know the difference between PAL and NTSC please do not try to join the PAL WRESTLING TAPES WEBRING.
the Webring.
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